5 Signs You Need a Resume Update

resume on table Office

Are you out on the job market? Are you hunting for the perfect job for you? Are you worried about your resume?

Don’t worry, we’re here to help. Here are five signs you may need a resume update today.

1. Your Experience has Changed

Obviously, if you’ve switched jobs since updating your resume, you should update your resume with that experience before sending it out. You should also update your resume if you complete a new level of education or advanced certifications.

Your resume should be as up to date as it possibly can be, to make sure that you have the best possible chance at succeeding during your job search. So, whenever you switch jobs or complete a big project, make sure you add that to your resume!

2. “References Available Upon Request”

Many of us were told to put this phrase on our resume when we were first starting out, but it’s actually redundant. Employers will obviously ask for references if they want them and job seekers will provide references if necessary. Use the space on your resume for something more interested and unique.

3. Your Objectives Are Listed

It may be harsh, but employers don’t usually care about your goals or objectives. They’re focused on what you can do to help them, not what they can do to help you with your life. Instead of having your objectives or goals listed, try and add more skills that may appeal to employers in your field.

4 Too Much Text

If your resume is text-heavy, particularly if it’s not formatted in an easy to read way, it will be a lot harder for you to succeed in your job search. Make sure that the text on your resume is spaced out evenly and presented in a clear manner. If this makes your resume too long, that’s a sign it’s time to start cutting out experience that’s less relevant or older.

If you need more help on revising your resume during your job search, try out an executive resume writing service for even more tips and tricks.

5. It’s Been a While

Even if you don’t have anything super new to add, you should be going through and tweaking your resume every so often. Double-check the spelling and grammar, mix up the formatting, or change your order, all of these things can keep your resume looking fresh and make sure you have it looking in the best possible shape.

That way, it’ll be ready and waiting for you if you happen to need it! Set a reminder in your phone to go through your resume every few months, so that you don’t forget to go through it.

Resume Updates Can Transform Your Changes

Executing a great resume update can totally boost your shot at finding the job of your dreams. So, there’s no time to wait. Start your next resume update ASAP!

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