Using ChatGPT for preparing your resume – Here are the best prompts!

ChatGPT Prompts

Your resume is your chance to leave a killer first impression on potential employers and demonstrate why you’re the best fit for a job. It should be well-crafted, compelling, and be able to highlight your skills, achievements, and career aspirations effectively.

Enter ChatGPT—the revolutionary NLP-based generative technology that can create high-converting and tailored content to make you stand out from a pool of candidates.

Candidates searching for a boost from technology are in luck, but ChatGPT and other AI solutions aren’t 100% accurate; they do the best job they can with the information they’re given, but it’s up to the job seeker to provide the appropriate inputs and adjust the outputs accordingly. 

In this article, we’ll look at how you can leverage ChatGPT to create hard-hitting and customized resume prompts to highlight your unique strengths, achievements, and experiences. I have taken these insights from my learnings I gathered while appearing for the Google Technical Program Manager Interview. We’ll also provide a list of prompts you can use to craft the perfect resume for every job you apply for.

How to Craft Effective ChatGPT Resume Prompts?

Here’s 3 tips to help you write your prompts for success:

  1. Be Specific

Tailor your prompts to the role you’re applying for. This ensures that the content you generate highlights your relevant skills and experiences for that particular position. 

For example, instead of a generic prompt like “As a marketing specialist, provide me with three concise bullet points that highlight my skills and achievements,” you could feed the following prompt to ChatGPT:

Based on my experience in digital marketing and social media management, create three bullet points that demonstrate my ability to drive engagement and increase brand awareness using platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Google Ads.”

  1. Personalize Your Prompts

Customize the prompts to reflect your unique circumstances and personality. You can specify the tone of voice you want ChatGPT to use, provide keywords to incorporate, or set a word count limit. For instance, you might use the following prompt:

Write in a professional and concise manner, while keeping the response within 100 words.”

  1. Combine Multiple Prompts

Instead of relying on just one or two prompts, use a variety of prompts to generate a diverse range of responses that align with your specific career objectives. 

For instance, ask ChatGPT to “incorporate keywords like “leadership” and “collaborative mindset in your response” to boost your standing as a strong leadership candidate.

Best ChatGPT Prompts to Prepare Your Resume

Here is a list of prompts you can use for various purposes to get ChatGPT to produce desired results. 

  1. Ask ChatGPT to Generate Keywords for Your Desired Role

“I’m sharing a job posting I want to apply for. I want you to provide me with a list of keywords or skills from the job description.” 


“List the 5 most important keywords that I should include in my [insert role] resume for applicant tracking systems.”

Once it comes up with a list of keywords, you can share your resume and instruct ChatGPT to check if the desired keywords are present in your resume.

“Here is my resume. Check if all the above-mentioned  keywords and skills are present on my resume. Suggest any improvements or edits.”

  1. Ask ChatGPT to Write a Professional Summary

“I’m sharing a job description of a role I’m interested in applying for. Create a powerful professional summary that showcases my skills and experiences relevant to the role. Keep it shorter than 500 words. [Copy/paste the job description here]


Share the final draft of your resume and ask ChatGPT to summarize it.

“Create a powerful professional summary based on my resume below. Emphasize my unique selling points, my skills, and highlight my achievements in past X roles.” [Copy/paste your resume here]

  1. Have ChatGPT Make your Resume more Actionable 

“Based on this job responsibilities for a [insert job title] at [company], write 3-5 actionable bullet points highlighting my achievements in past [insert job title] roles. Use metrics to show impact. [Copy/paste your achievements here]”


“Write 3 crisp resume bullet points for a [TITLE] position that showcase my relevant skills. incorporate keywords like “X” and “Y” to show alignment with the role.”


“Here is the experience section of my resume. Can you make it more actionable and crisp?”

  1. Have ChatGPT Review Your Resume

“I’m going to provide you with a job description a company has posted. I want you to read the job description and identify the key requirements for the position, including the desired years of experience, required skill sets, and the qualifications. After that, I will share my resume with you, and your task will be to review it and provide necessary feedback regarding how well my resume aligns with the job requirements. Do you understand?”

Once ChatGPT responds, share the job description and your resume.

  1. Have ChatGPT Proofread Your Resume

“Here is my resume. Can you proofread it and provide feedback on grammar, punctuation, and overall readability.”


“I’ve updated my resume and would like your input on its content and structure. Could you review it and offer any suggestions for improvement?

3 Points to Remember When Using AI to Craft Your Resume

Let’s face it, using Generative AI can be a game-changer when it comes to crafting an impeccable resume. Yes, you can leverage the power of AI to quickly put together an actionable resume but tread with caution; it’s not an alternative for actual work. Which is why you need to adopt best ChatGPT practices to churn the best possible content relevant to the role you’re applying for.

Here are 3 points to keep in mind:

  1. First and foremost, customize your resume for different jobs

Sure, AI can quickly generate a generic, one-size-fits-all resume, but it might not effectively showcase your unique skills, experience, and personality. It will not always consider the specific context of the job or industry you’re applying to. 

You need to ensure that you customize your resume for each job you apply for, emphasizing the qualifications and attributes that are most relevant to that specific position. Conduct individual research on the company and industry to come up with industry-relevant keywords and specific phrases to grab maximum eyeballs.

  1. Next, review your resume thoroughly 

While Generative AI saves time and effort, don’t neglect the importance of thorough review. AI may misinterpret your input or generate content that is factually incorrect or erroneous. Take the extra step to ensure your resume is error-free. Trust me, you don’t want to accidently mislead your interviewers.

Any output you copy from ChatGPT, make sure to carefully proofread and edit, tweaking it as required to make your resume content foolproof. Take the time to verify that you truly have the expertise that ChatGPT says you do, and pay attention to details such as spelling, sentences, punctuation, and overall clarity.

  1. Don’t completely rely on technology

Yes, AI is a helpful tool, but it can’t give your resume a human personality or make it compelling. You still need to incorporate your unique personal touch and ingenuity to distinguish yourself from the competition.