The Best Job Search Engines in 2020


One of the major benefits of job searching in the digital age has been the emergence of job search engines. Fortunately for us today, we are able to take for granted the fact that we no longer have to leaf through the recruitment sections of newspapers when looking for jobs anymore.

Instead, we can sift through thousands of jobs relevant to our skills and experience at with just the click of a button. Without a doubt, job search engines have changed job searching for the better, but it would be a mistake to think that they are all equal in terms of their usefulness.

To help you decide which site from which to base your job search this year, read on for a selection of the current best job search sites.


The first place to start when looking for a job is at Indeed. Indeed aggregates millions of job listings from an enormous number of other job websites. The site has more job listings in one location than you will find in any other place on the web. Indeed allows for quick and easy job applications at just a click once you have built your profile and uploaded your CV.


From its beginnings as a social network for professionals, LinkedIn has quickly become one of the best places to find good job opportunities. You can apply to most jobs with just your LinkedIn profile without the need to write a cover letter.


A great alternative to the two options above is CareerBuilder. In contrast to Indeed, where most of the job listings come directly from companies’ organizational websites, most of the adverts on CareerBuilder are placed on the site directly by recruiters.


Another fantastic job search tool is Glassdoor. The site originally provided a space for employees to leave anonymous feedback for their employees and publish reviews about what it is like to work for companies. It has since morphed into a fully-fledged job search engine featuring millions of jobs and a handy salary research tool.


If you work in the non-profit sector, Idealist is the perfect job search engine for you. With thousands of full-time, intern and voluntary positions, Idealist will save you a lot of time with its capability of searching by the issues that organizations deal with (such as climate change, refugee rights and homelessness).


Upwork is the premier search engine for freelance gigs. It allows users to browse between a huge number of short-term and long-term projects looking for talented people in a diverse range of areas, including copywriting, editing, programming, design and web development.

With the help of job search engines, finding jobs has never been as easy as it is today. The trick is to browse a few and decide for yourself which of them is best suited to your specific needs. Once you have your favorites nailed down, with a bit of effort, it should not be long before you land the job of your dreams.