Brian Ferdinand Provides Outlook on Business Travel Post Pandemic

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When COVID-19 impacted the world earlier this year, both corporate travel and business travel came to a screeching halt around the world as multiple countries tried to battle the novel coronavirus. Unfortunately, several months later, the world is still struggling with the coronavirus outbreak. Still, people are beginning to set their eyes on the return of business travel. Brian Ferdinand, a business and travel expert, recently shared in an article how the coronavirus outbreak is impacting this area this fall season.

Business Travel Outlook

In the recently published article, Brian Ferdinand—the managing partner of SoBeNY as well as SoBeNY’s parent company, CorpHousing Group—provides insights into exactly how business travel will look in the future as a result of COVID-19. He also offers some tips to help professional travelers to stay safe during the pandemic.

First, airports should not continue to be a mass congregation as it has been in the past. This may certainly be possible down the road, but it shouldn’t be encouraged at the moment, according to Ferdinand.

In the article, Ferdinand further emphasizes that many airlines may restrict corporate air travel to director-level individuals, also known as the C-suite, during times when the outbreak is particularly bad. In addition, they might limit or even cancel the unnecessary travel of support staff for some time.

According to Ferdinand, these moves will be intended to keep workers safe. However, airlines might also adopt these practices to cut down on expenditures as they continue to navigate their financial recovery processes following the Great Lockdown in Spring 2020. As we head into the winter season, airline industry companies are expected to continue to closely monitor both their spending and the threat of COVID-19 to protect their bottom lines as well as the health of their customers.

Corporate Housing Outlook

Another aspect of corporate travel that is explored in the recent article is the type of accommodation that business travelers may predominately use going forward.

In the past, many traveling professionals stayed in extended-stay hotels. However, hotels may have a hard time keeping their premises free of COVID-19 due to the large number of people they serve at a given time. In light of this, many travelers are opting for corporate housing for their short-term stays. Corporate housing generally features less crowds and has stood out for its high-level sanitization practices over the past several months. These positives are expected to continue to draw corporate travelers in the months ahead.