How to Infuse Your Corporate Brand Into Your Presentations

Corporate Branding Ideas and Tips

Want to ensure your clients are saturated with your corporate brand during meetings? Learn how to add branding to your presentations here.

Research shows that visuals help us remember things. When you are giving a presentation, what is the thing you most want your audience to remember?

Your brand and its message right?

Going through all the effort to prepare and give a presentation without infusing it with your corporate brand, is a waste, as presentations offer the ideal opportunity to impress your brand onto clients and viewers.

The great news is that there are a few impactful methods you can use to ensure that your presentations are oozing with brand identity. If you implement these, by the end of your presentation, your audience will have a keen feeling for who your brand is and what it stands for, as well as your message.

Display Your Logo

The first thing you can do to brand a presentation is to display your corporate brand’s logo on each slide. This is the first step in establishing your corporate identity.

What is corporate identity? Corporate identity is the ‘persona’ of your corporate brand, what customers recognize it by.

By working in logo presentation onto your slides, you are reminding them with every slide who your brand is and what its logo looks like.

When placing your corporate logo onto slides, ensure that it is an optimum size. It must be big enough to be visible to viewers, but not so big that it overpowers your slides.

Besides your brand’s logo, you can also choose to incorporate its tagline.

Be on Brand With Your Colour Palette

The next step in establishing your corporate identity is to get on-brand with your slide’s palette. Your corporate brand’s colour palette is an important part of its corporate identity, and if used thoroughly can make your slides look and feel cohesive.

To brand your presentation through colour, ensure that all aspects of your presentation incorporate your brand’s colour palette.

For example, when you are learning how to make a pie chart for your slides, don’t just settle with any combination of colours. See if you can drop in your company’s unique colour palette.

Get the Feel Right With Fonts

Fonts are another important way to express corporate identity. Using the preset fonts in slide-making software such as Powerpoint is the fastest way to making your presentations look generic.

So for a branded and professional look, replace those with your corporate brand’s fonts.

Use Imagery That Is Consistent With Your Corporate Brand

You might have noticed that certain brands use certain types of imagery that is in keeping with their corporate identity. This is because imagery is powerful, and using imagery that is consistent with your brand’s personality can make an important branding impact.

For example, if your company’s personality is loud, bold and vibrant, find images that tie in with this. On the other hand, if your brand’s personality is serious and calm, you should source images that are more subtle and toned down.

Stick With Your Brand Voice

Lastly, when developing a presentation for your corporate brand you should aim to stay true to your brand’s voice. Is it humorous, and slightly cheeky? Or is it caring and reassuring? Empowering and uplifting? Professional and informative?

Whatever your brand voice is, you should aim to replicate it verbally as well as within your text-based slide content.

Ready to Brand Your Presentations Like a Pro?

With these tips under your belt, you can make sure that your presentations seamlessly aligned with your corporate brand.

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