Freelance Opportunities: 5 Freelance Jobs That Can You Can Apply For Today


A growing number of people today are opting to pack in the 9-to-5 to start new lives as freelancers. While the insecurity of freelance work may not be for everyone, working on a contract-to-contract basis does have some definite perks over fixed employment, such as flexible hours, picking jobs and clients, working remotely and being your own boss.

If you are currently looking to pick up freelance work, here are six freelance jobs that you can apply for today.

1. Web Development 

Web developers are responsible for coding, designing and ensuring the functionality of websites. Web development naturally lends itself to remote freelance work because roles do not require too much face-to-face interaction and are carried almost exclusively online. If you have a background in coding and programming, a quick search online on freelancing job search engine will pull up tons of freelance web development jobs, many of which offer the chance to work on interesting projects for decent money.

2. Writing

Have you always wondered what it might be like to try your hand at writing for a living? Article and blog post writing is a great way to earn money remotely if you have a flair for the written word. Depending on where your knowledge and expertise lie, there are thousands of copywriting, research proposal or creative writing projects that you can apply for today.

3. Translation

If you are bilingual and comfortable as a writer, working as a freelance translator is a door that is always open to you. The internet is full of translation agencies that offer fair prices for piece work. Most gigs will require you to have skills and knowledge in the area in which the subject matter lies, as specialist terminology is not always straightforward to translate without experience in the field. 

4. Customer Services

Some of the largest and best-known companies in the world, such as Amazon and Apple, now outsource much of their customer service to freelance contractors. Most companies will require you to take part in an induction course in which you will learn about the company’s product range and how to troubleshoot. To apply, all you need is excellent people skills, a laptop with a reliable internet connection, and a phone.

5. Marketing

Small companies and startups often hire remote contractors to take charge of their digital marketing requirements these days. If you have some experience in marketing and want the freedom of working as a freelancer, check out sites like FlexJobs, ClearVoice Marketplace and Media Bistro for the opportunity to work on some of the exciting projects that crop up on a daily basis.

Around a third of people in the United States derive income from freelance work today. Many of them would not change their way of work for the world. Join the freelance revolution today by investigating some of the jobs mentioned about and you may find yourself on the route to a life of freedom and professional fulfillment.