5 Great Tricks To Help You Navigate Google Drive On Your Mac

Google Drive on Mac

With Google Drive becoming such an essential tool nowadays, we take a look at some great tips to get you navigate google drive easily on your Mac computer.

Nearly 1 billion people from around the world use Google Drive for personal reasons and work.

Google Drive helps people by storing files over a cloud-based platform so that they can easily access information.

This program is a newer addition to the Google family, and there are many things that you will need to learn along the way.

Continue reading to learn how to navigate Google Drive on your Mac computer!

1. Instantly Save Webpages

Learning how to navigate Google Drive on Mac computers can help you save information quickly.

Most people that want to save a webpage end up saving the URL and email it to themselves. With Google Drive, you can save webpages, documents, and photos instantly to your drive.

To be able to do this on a Mac, you will need to download Google Chrome. When you have a page online that you want to save, simply save it to your Google Drive Chrome extension fire.

This is a much easier way to save information, rather than taking screenshots.

2. Quickly Search for Files

If you are sick of spending extra time every day to search for contacts and files, this platform can help.

By clicking on the search bar and typing in what you are looking for, you can easily view all of the documents with the provided information. This can help if you are in a rush and need to quickly pull up a document for a work presentation.

Not only can you search for documents, but you can find other things as well. You can type in what you are looking for and it will pull up forms, audio, images, and more that you have uploaded with those words.

Another advantage of having this feature on your Mac is that you can find things even if you have hundreds of folders.

3. Transfer Text to Documents

Does your job require you to re-type information from images and PDFs to documents?

To do this you will need to open your document from the Drive and the hit File. Within File, you will select open with Google Docs. The automatic optical character recognition feature in Google docs will instantly take your data and put it on a document.

This helps when you have a picture of the information that you need to be entered.

When you transfer the text to documents, you will end up with the original files and the new test files. Once you have the needed information on Google Docs, you can format it to your liking.

4. Backup Your Stuff

By syncing all of your documents and files to your Mac, you can backup your Google Drive.

This will help make sure that files don’t disappear, and if they do, they are easy to recover. While on a Mac, Google Drive may resemble a Dropbox. A folder will be created on your computer to store all of your Google files.

Backing up your files to your Mac computer can also help you access files from other devices in a much quicker way. You shouldn’t have to have multiple programs open, just to find one document.

5. Talk With Your Team

Another trick that will help you navigate Google Drive on your Mac is that you can talk with your team while working.

When multiple people have access to the same Google Drive document, they can open a chat and communicate with each other. This is helpful if you need instant feedback or have questions while working on a project.

You can talk with coworkers and peer in real-time. Many people open these chats to send images and more details. Near the blue SHARE button at the top of your screen will be a chat button.

Hover your cursor over the buttons to begin a chat by selecting who you want to talk to. An advantage of this is that you don’t have to pull out your phone or go on another program to get quick feedback. The feedback is also kept with the right document.

Other Benefits of Google Drive

There are many benefits that you can get through Google Drive.

As it was mentioned above, the Drive can act as a backup file storage area for your most important documents. You can also send larger-than-normal documents, videos, and pictures to anyone.

Since this Drive is a part of Google, it also has a built-in search engine for your convenience. Google Drive is meant to make your life easier by giving you multiple resources in one location. The best part is, you can work with other people too!

If you are wanting to use Google Drive more frequently, you can download the app on any Android or iOS device. This means that you can work from the same drive, whether you are on a Mac or an Android phone.

You Can Navigate Google Drive on Your Mac

If you are looking for a secure place to share and save documents, Google has you covered.

Learning how to navigate Google Drive on your Mac can help you work more efficiently and stay organized. These tips can ensure that you get the job done quickly without losing any documents.

Navigating Google Drive is much easier if you know that you can quickly lookup information. The search toolbar is helpful and you can hover your cursor over keys to see what they are for.

You and your team can also be more productive with this file storage by chatting in real-time.

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