Brian Ferdinand: Why You Should Set Up Shop in Denver


If you’re interested in launching a company, then the Mile-High City—also known as Denver—may be calling your name. According to Brian Ferdinand, the managing partner of CorpHousing Group, Denver offers a multitude of benefits for the aspiring business owner. In a recently published article, Ferdinand outlines these many benefits and how they can help you to take your new business to the highest level possible.

Denver: The Business Mecca

In the recently published article, Brian Ferdinand explains that Denver has been ranked number four by Forbes Magazine when it comes to places for careers and business. The city has captured attention over the past few years for its vibrant and diverse workforce.

Interesting to note is the fact that the United States Government happens to be the biggest employer in Denver’s metro area. The government offices located there represent many agencies, including the United States Department of Agriculture, the Department of the Interior, and the Environmental Protection Agency. Other agencies represented in the Mile-High City include the United States Mine Safety and Health Administration, which falls under the Department of Labor, as well as the General Services Administration.

Opportunities For Fun

Denver is also a standout city among businesspeople because work-life balance remains an important part of the culture there. This may not come as a surprise given the many opportunities Denver-area residents have to enjoy the outdoors when they’re not busy at the office.

As a general rule of thumb, people in Denver enjoy working hard, but they also enjoy hitting some of the nation’s most exciting slopes or going on excellent hikes. After all, the city’s lovely surrounding makes this easy to accomplish. However, going beyond outdoor activities in Denver, the city’s businesses place emphasis on leading healthy and happy lives overall. This has led to a culture where people are generally more satisfied and, in turn, more productive.


In Denver, you’ll receive plenty of support as you strive to set up your business as well. In fact, Denver goes the extra mile to showcase startups and offer opportunities for entrepreneurs to network. This is especially true in the tech sector, where efforts are being made to put the mountain town on the map even more in the area of technology. So, if you’re interested in starting up a tech firm, you can feel free to ask questions and expect to receive helpful answers from other successful executives or investors in this promising metropolis.