How to Become a Gas Engineer

How to Become a Gas Engineer

Being a gas engineer is an exciting, lucrative and interesting profession that is in demand and will continue to be in demand for decades to come. For those looking to pursue a career in the gas industry, it is important to understand the steps required to work safely, work legally and be fully qualified as a gas engineer in the UK.

Why Become a Gas Engineer?

Gas engineers in the UK have the benefit of being paid an incredible salary, reaching upwards of £60,000 a year in some cases. A career as a gas engineer not only pays well, but it also provides an engaging and ever-evolving workplace with the opportunity to learn and grow every day.

Phil from GastecTraining advised though there are more benefits than just financial rewards though. “Outside of the pay and the interesting and engaging nature of the work, gas engineers are also in high demand and are projected to continue to be in high demand for years into the future. This provides job security for those that choose to pursue this avenue of work as a career path.”

In the UK, to be a gas engineer, you must have the proper accreditation and the necessary education and gas training to be considered “legal” to work. How do you go about getting the proper skills and training to start your new career?

What is NVQ?

An NVQ apprenticeship is the method in which your training is done on the job, with the company you are working with. This is the traditional “learn while you earn”-type of education, which makes every opening very competitive. These programs are sought after for their hands-on teaching and near guarantee of a job at the end of the process.

What is the Fast-Tracked Managed Learning Programme?

These programs are done in a classroom setting, in which instructors can give you all the education you need to become a gas engineer, including core domestic gas safety protocols, how to work on central heating boilers, gas fitting and much more. In a handful of months, you can have the training certificates you need to get started as a gas engineer.

What is Gas Safe Register?

The Gas Safe Register, as of 2009, is the official list of all the companies and individuals with the skills and knowledge and the successful completion of all the appropriate courses, that are fully licensed to work as gas engineers in the UK. To work as a gas engineer, you need to have gas-safe registration.

What is the ACS?

There are always changes and adjustments made to appliances and construction codes. For that reason, the ACS is a 5-year certificate that ensures that gas engineers are qualified to work on all gas appliances and gas-fired systems. Gas engineers must meet the industry qualifications in the ACS every 5 years to continue working in the UK.

Working as a Gas Engineer in the UK

Regardless of the learning path you choose, a career as a gas engineer will give you the flexibility and income potential you need to live the life you desire. With a high demand for workers, exciting and stimulating work and an industry that is critical to the well-being of almost every citizen in the UK, becoming a gas engineer is a bright path forward for those who choose it.