Jobs in the Medical Field for Those That Love To Travel


If you’re asked to give a list of careers that involve many traveling opportunities, you might not think about the medical field. However, if you have a passion for medical care and love traveling, there are several jobs in this field that might suit you.

Many hospitals and other medical facilities are constantly searching for people who are flexible enough to take up a job, even in faraway countries. These jobs offer good pay and can be your chance to visit different parts of the world and get acquainted with other cultures.

Below are some of the jobs in the medical field that have traveling opportunities.

1. Travel Nurse

There are different parts of the world with a shortage of qualified nurses. For this reason, there is a very high demand for registered nurses who are willing to take up jobs in new locations. Over the years, the medical field has witnessed a progressive growth for nursing jobs, which isn’t slowing down anytime soon. Consequently, this has contributed to an even higher demand for travel nurses.

Travel nurses are hired to work in a different location for about 16 to 26 weeks, depending on the workload there. The best thing about this job is that the travel nurses often get to choose the locations they would like to be assigned to.

They also have the freedom to turn down job offers that require traveling parts of the world based on their own reasons. While registered nurses are entitled to the median pay of about $68,000 a year, travel nurses can get higher pay than that. This is due to the numerous financial benefits that they are guaranteed in their traveling. Travel nurses are guaranteed to receive both housing allowance and travel allowances whenever they’re on these assignments.

2. Travel Therapist

Whether you’re a physical therapist, behavior therapist, or occupational therapist, these jobs guarantee some travel opportunities for you. Some of the medical facilities in different locations might be in need of supplementing a staffing gap.

The staffing gaps are often caused by leaves, training, or other personal reasons. You might end up getting a job in any of these openings. Most of these job assignments last for about 13 to 16 weeks, depending on the initial agreement with the hospital management.

Also in this job, you get to choose the locations you would prefer to work in. there are also several financial benefits attached to this job on top of the basic salary.

3. Medical Device Sales Representative

Another job in the medical field that requires a lot of traveling is the medical device sales representative. This is one of the most important jobs in the medical field. Since most hospitals and medical facilities require the most technologically advanced devices regularly, medical device sales representatives link them with the device manufacturing companies.

Many medical device sales companies are always looking for qualified and talented sales representatives to travel and represent them globally while enhancing their business. When you’re a medical sales representative, you get many opportunities to travel to various countries and hospitals that need the newest medical devices. One of the key benefits of this job is that your salary has no limits; the more you manage to sell these medical devices, the higher your pay.

This job will offer you a basic salary and additional commission percentages for every sale you make for the company. Some established medical device manufacturing companies also offer reimbursements for any transport or housing expenses incurred by the sales representative.

4. Catheterization Laboratory Technicians

There are plenty of travel jobs for cath lab techs in the medical field. There is an ever-increasing demand for interventional cardiologists who will perform diagnostic and therapeutic procedures for their long lists of patients. This has made the jobs more travel-oriented than ever. The high demand causes gaps in hospitals and gives rise to more travel jobs for cath lab techs.

Travel jobs for cath lab techs are known to have decent pay even for short assignments, and you’re guaranteed even more financial benefits and bonuses.

5. Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives

A job as a pharmaceutical sales rep also comes with many travel opportunities. When you’re a pharmaceutical sales representative, you travel across the country to different hospitals and health facilities to represent your company and offer pharmaceutical solutions that might arise.

In this job, it’s your duty to educate and update the medical professionals about any benefits and side effects that particular products might have on patients. You’re also required to educate these medical professionals about any existing differences between the new products and initial ones so that you can sell these drugs to them.

The challenging part about this job is that you’re required to be informed about every detail of a certain drug you’re selling to the hospitals. This requires a dedication to learn about everything from the chemical components, side effects, and administering methods. This job, however, has the potential of earning you good pay. This is because, on top of the basic salary that the pharmaceutical companies are offering, you get an additional commission for the number of sales you manage. The best part of this job is that you’ll travel a lot, engage with different stakeholders in the medical field, and play a part in improving healthcare.

6. Healthcare IT

The medical field has not been left behind in terms of the job opportunities brought by technology. Most hospitals require artificial intelligence to track all their patients’ records and all the activities in different segments. For this reason, healthcare IT is required. Healthcare IT personnel get to travel across the country providing data solutions to hospitals and other health facilities. You can apply in the healthcare IT field such as software engineer, programmer, and data analyst.

In Conclusion

As seen one, there are many job opportunities in the medical field that will help feed your traveling hunger while also helping you play a part in better healthcare for patients.