7 Outstanding Healthcare Support Jobs for a Fulfilling Career

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According to Gallup, only 13% of the world’s working population love going to work every morning, and in extension, love what they do.

If you are searching for one of the perfect healthcare support jobs, should you not be worried if it will count for a fulfilling career to you? Answering this question helps you define your preferred job description and shape your focus on any given healthcare support job you settle for. 

With a straightforward answer and focus in your mind, you can always win the best job in this field, albeit the struggles.

Here’s a list of some of the outstanding healthcare support jobs you should consider for a fulfilling career.

1. Diagnostic Medical Sonographer

You should be seriously considering having a certification in a befitting ultrasound registry review course if you want success with this job. 

Most of the outstanding medical sonographers you’ve met or admired began as practicing ultrasound technicians. As one, you will have to engage in clinical work throughout your ultrasound technician career. 

The ideal facilities to work in during your entire career will include:

  • Outpatient facilities
  • Hospitals
  • Imaging centers

The job description comes with several career path variations that will see you divert to other duties along the path. You might become a departmental head or cling on some administrative responsibilities or clinical work.

For diversification’s sake, you can consider shifting to your new-found love in the diagnostic medical sonographer field based on your interests.

2. A Genetic Counsellor 

If you can picture a biology teacher together with a therapist giving health-related advice, then you’re already figuring out who a genetic counselor is.

As a genetic counselor, you have to run down your patient’s family tree to determine potential health risks. You are more likely to offer this service to a person with a family history of cancer. You find out if they possess any risks of being diagnosed with the same.

Once the patient agrees to take the test, you will have to coordinate laboratory work, which usually involves taking a blood test after the test follows the test’s interpretation. You will have to explain the results and search for any mutations that may explain the patient’s current syndrome and disorders.

Finally, you will meet the patient and their family to explain the tests’ findings and effects. You can as well elaborate on how they can use the information in their medical care journey.

3. Occupational Therapy Assistant

Your healthcare support worker job description as an occupational therapy assistant revolves around therapeutic activities. You will help your patients go through therapeutic activities such as stretches and light exercises, as recommended by the chief therapist.

You will also be in charge of ferrying the patient from one room to another. Expect to perform some clerical duties such as answering calls and scheduling meetings. Plus, it would be best if you were open to cleaning and preparing treatment areas every time you are called out to such duties.

4. Medical Assistant

If the thought of blending in traditional office work with hands-on tasks in the medical field is something you could kill for, then medical assistant is your space to try. 

What does your day in the office look like as a medical assistant? You will have a myriad of responsibilities, including:

  • Answering phone calls
  • Staying in charge of the front desk
  • Filling insurance forms
  • Administering injections
  • Recording medical histories correctly
  • Drawing blood from patients
  • Preparing the blood for tests

Your relevance in the hospital is that your face is the first and the last that the visiting patients see when they come in and leave. Therefore, your position is very important both to the hospital and the patients you attend.

5. Physical Therapist Assistant

Being a physical therapist would mean you have signed up for two primary general duties: to examine patients and lay out a care plan for them. You don’t stop at prescribing the plan; you go ahead to execute that plan. 

Your other duties can include massaging the patients’ bodies to help relieve the damage caused by diseases and injuries. To some patients, you may recommend diverse exercises and follow up with them to ensure they stick to the schedules.

6. Medical Records Technician

You might have missed the chance of coding in the programming world, but you shouldn’t miss a chance to code in the medical field. Also, if you are too emotional to deal with patients’ pain, a medical technician post could be the perfect career path for you. 

As one, your main duty is to dig out information from medical records documentation and give the right diagnosis and procedure codes. 

The codes you retrieve from these documents are useful for several different purposes like reimbursement, research, planning, and monitor disease patterns.

Your skills in keen detail orientation and an ever motivating spirit will come in handy for this job description. It qualifies as one of the rapidly evolving medical tech jobs as medical records have since shifted from paper to electronic health records. 

7. Home Health Assistant

Forget the sweeping of floors and washing of clothes that you hear home health assistants do for patients. They do that and more. In some cases, they go ahead to patch cuts and scrapes and wash their clients, the patients.

If you desire to venture into this field, then what awaits you is more than being a caretaker to the patients. As a home health assistant, you will spend most of your time with the patient to the extent that you become like a family member.

Apart from your school skills and certificates, a warm and welcoming attitude could help you a great deal in succeeding in this career path.

Make Your Career Choice From This List of Healthcare Support Jobs

While there is no perfect job in the health care field on offer, you can always do with the manageable challenges that each job comes with. But first, you will need to undergo rigorous training to get equipped with the basic and necessary skills for these healthcare support jobs. 

Did this article provide you with valuable information that will help you choose a fulfilling career? Kindly read our other posts for more information on how you can land the perfect career.