Career Advice: 5 Tips for Advancing In Your Career

Career Advice

Career advancement is something that we all strive for throughout our professional lives. Whether it be the chance to take on more responsibility or the desire to move up the pay-scale that drives you, getting to where you want to be usually requires dedication and a lot of hard work. As with everything else in life, you will not get far without a plan.

Below, you’ll find a short list of helpful tips for people looking to rapidly strengthen their career prospects.

Set Goals

A common trait possessed by successful is the ability to set clear and achievable objectives. No matter what your profession is, having something to work toward is vitally important if you want to move on with your career. Work out a clearly-defined set of goals and a timetable by which you want to accomplish them, and you will see that the professional breaks will start to come as you start knocking off each objective from your list.


The importance of networking cannot be emphasized enough. In the professional world, it is often a case of who you know, not what you know, and the statistics bear this out. Indeed, the results of research which has surveyed trends in new job acquisition suggest that up to an incredible 85 percent of new jobs are gained through networking or having an acquaintance or friend recommend you for a position in their company.

Look for Feedback

Identifying areas in which you can improve is not always straightforward. You may think you know yourself better than anyone else does, but the reality for most people is that it is difficult to recognize your own personal faults and weaknesses. The honesty involved in evaluating areas in which you need to improve can be uncomfortable. Many people find that actively seeking out feedback from peers and superiors is the most effective way of gaining an insight into what they need to focus on in order to be better at what they do.

Be Open with Your Boss

Do not be afraid to tell you manager about your career goals from the outset. Far from seeing it as a threat, they are likely to admire you for being ambitious and driven. Although they might be sad to lose you as a team member, your manager will have contacts within the company and will be able to recommend you for positions that open which will take you closer to where you ultimately want to be in your career.

Invest in Yourself

Money spent on courses and specializations will pay dividends further down the line. Studying allows you to learn new skills and gives you the tools which allow you to thrive in challenging professional environments. Employers love employees that take an active approach to self-improvement, and that will take your dedication and focus on advancing your career as a sign that you are ready to be given greater responsibility.

Too many of us do not connect our overarching ambitions with a set of actions that will culminate in their realization. Following the tips above will help you get ahead of the game as you move closer to professional fulfilment in your dream job