Fred Brisker – What Stops People From Launching Their Business?

Start a Business

I watched a phenomenal webinar last month from the business guru Fred Brisker, who was discussing the importance of setting up a business up following the pandemic. During that conference he touched on those people who have long held a business idea yet never actually took steps to launch that business which they had dreamed of for so long. I wanted to investigate this a little further, because it may be that you are someone who has a great business idea, yet have never actually looked into setting it up. Some of these reasons you may actually not realize describe you and your reasons for not starting a business.

Fear of Failure

If you are someone who attributes a wide array for reasons to the fact that you are yet to set up that business then it may very well be that you have a fear of failure. Market conditions, lack of knowledge, no time, these are all indicators of someone who is genuinely scared to fail. The truth is that you may fail, in fact you pretty much have a 50/50 chance of success or failure. Ultimately you will never know until you try, and so this is why you have to just give it a go.

Money Worries

Launching a business is not cheap by any means but that is not to say that money should be a massive concern in terms of losing it. The idea of a business of course is to invest, perhaps spend some time in debt, and then turn that business into on which is profitable. The big fear for many is that they do not want to be in debt because they believe that it signifies that they are not doing well, the truth however is very different and almost all businesses begin life in debt. Naturally you shouldn’t borrow beyond your means, but if you are concerned about getting in debt then you really shouldn’t be.

Stuck in The Job

There are many who do have a great idea for a business who are trapped in a job which they are trying to get out of. Ultimately this is just a sacrifice which you are going to have to make with your time. Those who successfully get out of their job and launch their own business are those who commit hard to getting out. If this means working 9 to 5 and then working 6 to 11 on your own business plan then so be it. Those who really want it will commit the time to it in order to get it off the ground, once that has been done, you will find yourself in  position where you can leave that job which you dislike so much, and then focus all of that time on launching your own business.

There are many reasons why people don’t do it, yet there are very few value reasons for not going out and launching that business, identify the problem find the solution and get that business off the ground.