Rick Andreoli Montreal – What Digital Marketing Strategies Small Businesses Should Use


Rick Andreoli Montreal has been a  very busy man this year. The marketing expert has been working with more small businesses than ever before following the outbreak of the pandemic. Once the lockdown was announced it was very clear to many in the small business world just how important it would be that they doubled down on digital marketing, and experts like Rick was who they called.

Rick was on an Instagram live last week discussing the importance of small businesses utilizing as much online marketing as they can, pandemic of no pandemic. This is something which we absolutely agree with, but which are the methods by which small businesses should be marketing? Let’s take a look.

Social Media

Every small business on the planet, no matter what industry or sector you operate in, should be working hard to raise their social media profile. Even if your business has no plans to spend money on marketing, social media is still a must and it will give you access to a huge audience. Using your social media page is great for keeping customers up to speed with what is happening in the business, it is also a great way to market to those customers and this should be the very least that your business should be doing online.

Email Marketing

Getting involved in banner ads and PPC marketing may not be the best idea for a small business given the investment needed in order to make solid returns. With this being said however email marketing is an area of digital marketing which you absolutely have to invest in. Email marketing is easy, it is low cost and despite the fact that it doesn’t get the same traction as it once did, it offers the best ROI out of any other type of digital marketing which you can think about. Through email marketing you can market for the short term, you can market for long term brand building and you can also remarket to those customers who have shown an interest but not closed the deal.

Promotional Marketing

You don’t need a digital agency for all forms of online marketing and there are many options which you can certainly handle on your own, even if you do not boast a wealth of tech experience.  One such approach is promotional marketing, not necessarily a new idea when it comes to marketing your business, but a new approach to an old idea. Promotional marketing is about taking the price of some of your products, usually stripping out profit, and then offering a great deal to new customers. Using a coupon site is a great way to do this and the idea is that the customer checks out your site, buys a product and then comes back to pay the full price the next time around.

These are 3 very simple and very effective ways in which small businesses can market online.