Great Resume Building Tips To Help You Stand Out In The Hiring Process

Reviewing a Resume

You might think you’re the best fit for the job. The problem is, you need to get the attention of the person hiring if you want to stand a chance.

The average job opening attracts an average of 250 resumes. You can’t go into things without doing something to stand out from the crowd.

If you want your resume to stand out, this post will help. Below are five resume building tips that will help your resume get noticed.

1. Look at Job Keywords

Job postings are very specific about what they’re asking for. Before applying to a job, look at the language the recruiter is using in their job posting.

Modify your resume to use the same type of language. Doing this can help connect you better to the kind of person a company is looking to hire. You want to think and speak the same way as the ideal person that they’re looking to hire.

2. Only Include Relevant Job and Training History

Yes, you might have been great at your job when you were a teenager. However, this information doesn’t do much to convince an employer that you’d make a great hire.

Try only to include jobs and educational history that is relevant to the position you’re applying to. You want to show that you have the expertise that a company is looking for in an employee.

3. Use Active Language

Nothing makes text on a page duller than being passive. It’s hard enough to make your resume stand out. If you use boring language, your resume is more likely to be passed over.

If you want to improve your resume, use power words to make it stand out. Use words similar to the following throughout your text:

  • Accomplished
  • Achieved
  • Earned

There are more active verbs out there, so make sure to learn more about using an active voice in your writing.

4. Keep the Important Parts Above the Fold

You don’t want to put some of the weakest parts of your resume where a recruiter first looks. All you’ll do is cause them to put your resume down.

Put your strongest skills, achievements, and jobs above the fold, so a recruiter reads it first. Doing this will help you make a stronger first impression.

5. Have Someone Proofread Your Resume

It’s easy to get tunnel vision when you look at your work for a long time. If you’ve spent a lot of time making your resume stand out, it might be hard for you to find fault with it.

Getting a second set of eyes to look over your work can help you find mistakes you missed. Ask your friends and family to give your resume a second look.

Follow These Resume Building Tips for Success

You need to do everything you can to stand out in the job hunt. You’re competing against a lot of people, so it’s hard to get noticed when your resume doesn’t speak to your skillset for the job. Use the resume building tips above to jump ahead of your competitors.

Of course, getting your resume in order is only the first step to landing the job. Keep reading our blog to learn everything else you need to know about landing the job.