How Do High Level Recruiters Place Candidates in Healthcare Jobs?

How Do High Level Recruiters Place Candidates in Healthcare Jobs?

Surprisingly, 12 out of the 20 fastest growing careers in the US are in healthcare. There is an increasing demand for more healthcare workers at the moment, partly brought about by the global pandemic. As a result, recruiting teams have a very unique challenge of filling in those vacancies with the best healthcare workers in the world. Healthcare executive search firms are using exceptional medical recruitment strategies to ensure the best candidates get the available healthcare jobs. Companies should ensure they engage, train, retain, motivate, reward and promote healthcare professionals they have recruited. Some of the tactics recruiters use to get candidates and place them in the jobs include;

Building a strong employer brand

Building a strong employer brand is a crucial recruiting resource because it will attract interest from candidates without any manual outreach. When your brand stands out, you will be able to reach hard-to-hire talent. When you build a great employer brand reputation, you will be the top choice for candidates. Candidates want a great salary, growth opportunities, unique benefits and a healthy culture. The recruiters ensure the benefits are promoted online in their social media pages to secure top healthcare talent.

Posting ads on medical niche job boards

Recruiters place their job adverts on mainstream and healthcare job boards to access a wide pool of healthcare candidates. Posting on medical job boards helps recruiters to reach the specialists directly and find suitable candidates faster. Moreover, they use untapped channels such as hiring referrals, regular healthcare seminars attendees and runner-up candidates.

Using recruiting software

Recruiters can get the most out of group and team interviews through automated scheduling. Automated scheduling software allows the candidates to pick the interview times that work best for them, thus reducing time wastage. Many recruiters also create diverse panels for the interview in terms of ethnicity, age and gender. This enables the panellists to make less biased decisions and ensures that great talents do not go unnoticed.

Assessing the candidate’s soft skills

Healthcare professionals must possess some soft skills such as great listening and communication skills. They also need to be able to work well under pressure and use a people-centred approach in their daily tasks and duties. Recruiters assess the candidates’ skills through scenario and behavioural questions and hire the best of the best. In scenario questions, the candidates explain what they would do if a hypothetical situation occurs. In behavioural questions, the candidates are asked to recall actions they took in past situations and how they resolved the situation. These types of questions can be used at the beginning of video interviews to get the best candidates faster.


The recruitment of healthcare workers is becoming more competitive every day. The demand for more healthcare professionals like doctors, nurses and physicians in all areas is increasing. Recruiters use methods such as building their employer brand, posting ads on medical job boards, using recruiting software and assessing soft skills to place the best candidates in healthcare jobs. Therefore, they ensure top candidates are hired.