Run, Don’t Walk to These Top Paying Jobs in Australia

Young woman holding Australian flag

The job search can be an overwhelming task, especially if you are relocating. Luckily in Australia, there is a growing economy with diversified career options. 

There are many options for high-paying jobs in various fields. From the medical area to construction, these careers are in high demand. If you dream of living abroad in the land down under, take a look at these jobs in Australia. 

Top Industries

If you are looking to make the move, Australia has many opportunities. 

Australia is a culturally rich and diverse place to live. From the beach to the Sydney Tower Eye, you have a wonderful new location to explore. Additionally, the Australian government released an occupation ceiling, which means that the maximum number of skilled immigrants who would be allowed to come to Australia in a specific career field on a skilled visa. 

The occupation ceiling limits the occupation opportunities since once all invitations are distributed, there is a one-year waiting period. However, these occupation ceilings make it easy to look into what will be the most lucrative job within the Australian job market. 

According to the occupation ceiling, here are the top industries for the 2019-2020 year:

1. Medical Field 

2. Software Development 

3. Trades and Construction 

4. Education 

5. Agriculture

Within these industries, one can see that there are opportunities in various disciplines. With the Australian GDP expected to grow around 2.7% between 2019-2023, it is safe to say that these professions will stay in high demand. 

Top Jobs Within These Industries

Within these industries, these are the top occupations: 

1. Registered Nurse

2. IT Systems Manager 

3. Metal Fitter and Machinists 

4. Secondary Schoolteacher 

5. Livestock Farmers

These occupations reflect the diversified range of job growth in Australia.

From the medical field to farming, there are many options for individuals of various skillsets. These jobs also look promising for permanent residency, so if you are trying to stay full time, these have promising prospects.  

How to Make Sure You Have the Right Qualifications for Jobs in Australia 

There are many different options when it comes to education. Whether you have a college degree, a trade certification, or a medical license, there is an option for you to find a fulfilling career in Australia. 

However, it is essential to set yourself up for success in the job search. Make sure that you have relevant experience within the respected field. Moreover, make sure that you feel like the profession you are looking into is a good fit for your personality. 

More competitive jobs, such as the IT field and the medical field, can be intimidating. When looking into these fields, make sure that you have the correct qualifications and certifications to be a successful candidate. 

Additionally, if you are moving from another country, make sure to have your citizenship documentation in order. This allows for ease of application process and to stay organized in your job search. 

Pack Your Bags!

Now that you are aware of the top jobs in Australia, feel free to begin your journey to the land down under. 

To best assist in your journey, keep your eyes peeled for opportunities that suit you. As you can see, the Australian job market is extremely diverse. This allows for flexibility and changes in the future. Also, this gives professionals the opportunity to thrive in their career path. 

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