7 Signs You May Need a Crime Defense Attorney

Criminal Law

The number of people sentenced to prison has nearly tripled over the past 30 years. Without an experienced crime defense attorney, you could find yourself behind bars after a spot of legal trouble, too.

Unsure if you need a criminal defender for your case? Here are seven signs it’s time to hire representation.

Don’t wait to get the help you need. Instead, review this list to determine if you need a lawyer to take your case. Hesitating to request a lawyer could lead to jail time and a lengthy sentence.

Protect yourself by requesting a lawyer before it’s too late.

1. You’re Guilty

While this might seem like an obvious one, many guilty parties still fail to request a criminal defender. If you’re guilty of a crime, it’s essential to have an attorney present throughout your case.

First, they’ll help you understand the severity of the situation as well as your legal options. They’ll also help you avoid saying the wrong things in front of the wrong people.

2. There’s a Risk of Jail Time

Make sure to get a lawyer as soon as possible if there’s a threat you’ll spend time in jail. An experienced Criminal Defense Lawyer might help reduce your time or change your sentencing. For example, you might get sentenced to community service instead of heading to prison.

3. Police Asked You to Come in for Questioning

There are over 642,750 lawyers employed throughout the country. Make sure at least one criminal defense attorney is with you at this time. Don’t answer any questions without proper representation first.

You can’t know what the police are looking for when they ask questions. Even an innocent answer could cause you to incriminate yourself. An attorney will prevent you from making dangerous statements. 

4. You’re Innocent

You should also consider requesting a criminal defense attorney if you’re innocent. 

Hiring a lawyer doesn’t give anyone the impression that you’re guilty. You can’t defend yourself on your own. Instead, hiring an attorney will give you the best shot at proving your innocence.

5. The Case Is Under Investigation

If the case is still under investigation, a criminal defense attorney can step to defend your rights. They can make sure mistakes aren’t made that make you look guilty. Your attorney will also keep track of the evidence that can make or break your case.

6. Police Visited Your Home or Work

If the police arrive at your home or work, they’re likely investigating you. Get ahead of the situation and call a defense attorney as soon as possible. Your attorney will keep you from unintentionally giving up your rights.

7. You Were Arrested

If you’re arrested, it’s likely the police will charge you with a specific crime soon. Make sure to request a lawyer as soon as possible.

The police will read you a Miranda Warning, reminding you of your right to an attorney. Take advantage and ask for one.

Build Your Defense: It’s Time Find a Crime Defense Attorney

Don’t speak to the police without representation. If you’ve experienced one of these situations, it’s time to call a crime defense attorney.

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